UX Design and Business Analysis. Based in Seattle and creating intuitive solutions to complex problems.


"Nathan is incredible. Thoughtful, ingenuitive, dedicated and playful. His work made my work better, his energy was both soothing and confident. I would def work with or hire him again full stop." - Gretchen Jones, Chief of Staff at Mociun

"I needed to update my firm’s website to make it mobile compliant and ensure that it was doing all it could for my business. I got in contact with Mr. Langston and he was amazing. He talked with me and my partner to find out what we wanted, surveyed potential clients to see what they were looking for and talked with former clients to get a sense of what they liked about our firm. He put all these elements together into an attractive site that highlighted our business. As a result of his work, we found out things about our client base we did not know before and that have made a big improvement in our online presence. I would highly recommend Mr. Langston to anyone looking for a website, or a re-design." - Clinton Tapper, Partner at Taylor & Tapper Attorneys

"Nathan was one of the top performers in his class. He's thoughtful and uses his business savvy to make well rounded decisions. Nathan, above all else shows how he can grow in such a short period of time. He learns quickly from mistakes but is willing to take risks for innovation. I would love to have Nathan on any team.  He's extremely emotionally intelligent and supportive in a group setting. His talents are diverse but focused and complimentary to UX. You won't be disappointed having Nathan on your team." - Tarryn Lambert, Senior Product Designer at Retrofit (Former General Assembly Instructor)


Content audit, comparative analysis, user research, user flows, user surveys, user interviews, client interviews, affinity diagramming, concept mapping, user personas, user journeys, user testing, industry research, context scenarios, project planning , project management, team management, team reports, hand sketching, site mapping, information architecture, wire framing, hi-def pixel-perfect page design, mobile-first design, hardware design, color theory, graphic design, photo editing, SOWs, API, domain migration, technical writing, copy editing, content generation, formula writing, org charts, budgeting, seasonality calculation, logistics, fundraising, storyboarding, composition, curating, grant writing, direction, communications, publicity, event planning, and stakeholder presentation.


Figma, Sketch, Axure, Excel, Adobe PS, Adobe XD, InVision, Fabric, Omnigraffle, Xtensio, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kickstarter, Fetch FTP, Mzero, TeamViewer, Flexmap, StackEdit, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Pro Tools, Garage Band, pens, whiteboard, paper, scissors.

As polymath and artist, what drives me is unearthing latent connections. Leading large-scale multidisciplinary collaborations made me adept at intuiting relationships between seemingly disparate fields. Finding unexpected, illuminating intersections is what lights me up and this curiosity has led me on an eclectic path. 


This is How I Got Here: 

After moving from Portland, OR to New York City, I co-founded a non-profit arts company called Satellite Collective. The group generated, funded, and presented ballets, modern dance works, original music, films, publications, and visual art. My activity was both artistic (composing scores, playing violin in our, acting as our dramaturge, and writing narratives) and administrative (budgeting, planning, grant writing, publicity, and acting as secretary of our board). Though we had a sizable budget, we spent almost everything we raised on production and our artists, which meant I had to make ends meet in other ways. 

I accepted two long-term contracts at Gilt Groupe, firstly as a Customer Service Associate and then in Logistics. After that, I worked designing and leading scavenger hunts throughout Manhattan. Then I accepted two long-term contracts at One Kings Lane, firstly as a Merchandising Operations Specialist and then in Analytics. I began to wonder if I would accidentally wind up working in every department of an online retail company and began to understand how all of the disparate parts of a retail website company fit together. 

My next contract was at a small holding company in Brooklyn called Edge, where I was asked to design a dynamic business model for a startup called Zootly. I had never done anything like it, had never gone to business school, but figured out. Without really knowing what I was doing, I followed my intuition, used common sense, and my very first business model and pitch deck secured $16 million in startup capital. The principals hired me on as Head of Research & Development and started assigning me all sorts of jobs. I researched electric vehicle charging stations, RFID networks, and built an entire business model for an online factoring company which was never realized. I also built an automated rental kiosk from scratch, including designing the user flows, hardware, software, API, team management, and user interface. I was perfectly unqualified to do any of these things but taught myself how and did them. 

After Edge, I continued writing business models for startups in numerous industries, including tech, fashion, and online retail. But I started to get bored. I worked entirely alone, staring at spreadsheets and doing financial algebra. A good model is satisfying like finishing a crossword puzzle or sudoko but not deeply satisfying. I began to daydream about design, thinking of it as an estuary between analytical logic and emotive expression, between empathetic user-facing dialogue and the strategic architecture of a business model. And so I enrolled in General Assembly's User Experience Design Immersive. 

I'm learning exponentially with every project I take on and understand that the diverse volume of my experience feeds directly into my ability to craft intuitive, effective, holistic design solutions. Each and every industry and discipline should be informed by all others. Drawn by my curiosity, I'm excited about this new phase of my development, eager for the next challenge and the next opportunity to learn. 

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I live in Seattle, Washington with my wife Ingrid, my sons, Anders and Rainer, and my pug, Augie. Currently, I work as a UX designer contractor and freelance financial analyst and designer for startups.